Download WinRAR 64 bit

As an Archiver WinRAR is used. It is a 64-bit Windows version. It has some special features. You can easily backup and store data, also minimize the email attachments size. You can easily create RAR and ZIP formats of fresh archives and also compress them in RAR and ZIP.


There are some principal features of Winrar. It densifies the multimedia very strongly. It protects the archives from damage and harmful viruses. Winrar processes the ZIP and other Non-RAR archives. It also processes programmable self-extracting archives(SFX). Winrar does authentic verification and it also supports  Unicode, NTFS, strong AES encryption, command line, graphical interface, wizard interface, theme, folder tree panel, multithread, and Windows x64 shell integration. It also supports multivolume archives, RAR, and ZIP archives. Winrar is also used to convert 7-Zip archives, ISO, JAR, Z, UUE, ACE, GZ, TAR, LZH, ARJ, CAB, BZ2. In more than fifty different languages WinRAR has accessibility.


How to extract files with Winrar?

For extraction of files with Winrar in shell mode, we have to unlock the necessary archive in the app. For performing this action, you have to press enter or double click on the archive name in the windows shell. Then a new program will be opened the archive. It will not open if the tool was not associated with archives when it was installed. If the tool is not pre associated, then you can also associate the tool with archives after installation. For this action, you have to use the Integration settings dialog. Then simply just double-click or press enter on the archive name in the Winrar window.

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How do I operate RAR files?

Winrar is very much supportive of RAR files. You can generate RAR files and also unpack them easily. After completing the installation of the program on your computer, download a RAR file from the internet. Then click on the RAR file icon and open it with Winrar. You must select all the files. After selecting the files, click on the extract to button and select a destination path. Then press OK


What is the limitation for archive size and maximum file?

Well, in this case, Winrar is also very supportive. 8,589,934,591 GB (9,223, 372, 036, 854, 775, 807 bytes) is the maximum range for a single file within a RAR archives. By using NTFS, you can create archives bigger than 4 GB. You must use NTFS because the older files system does not support such large files. 


What will I do if I get an error like “CRC failed in a file name. The file is corrupt”!

You can find your file data corrupted sometimes, There are many reasons. Such as the archive can be damaged after creation or it can also happen for hardware failures. If the archive has a recovery record, you can easily repair it. 


Click here to download WinRAR (64-bit)