Review for Nooie Baby Monitor 360 degree Wireless IP Camera

Nooie Baby Monitor

Security cameras are much important equipment nowadays. We can use security cameras for various purposes. Cameras can be used for home security greatly. Many companies are manufacturing home security cameras now. These home security cameras of various companies have many special features. The price of home security cameras and also their quality and features vary from company to company. Nooie has just recently launched a new home security camera with great quality and reasonable price. I have recently bought this camera and this home security camera is so good. It costs only 49 dollars. This camera has a lot of new features and these features make this camera special than other home security cameras present in the market. The features of this camera were beyond my imagination. I am surprised by the extraordinary performance of the camera. To use this camera, you have to install the Nooie Cam app. The app is also very much good and it is in great work with the camera. You can have a reliable user experience by using the Nooie Cam app.

Nooie Baby Monitor

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The camera looks good. It looks like a soft-boiled egg on an egg cup. At the bottom of this camera, there is a small indicator light to show us that the camera is on. If we look at the top side of the camera body, we will notice, there is a black elliptical. Here the actual camera is situated. There is a slot below the camera where we can use 6 microSD cards. The range of using a microSD card is from 4 GB to 128 GB. 

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This Nooie Cam 360 is very tiny in structure. It has a dimension of 4.9 * 3.07 * 3.07 inches. The camera is very lightweight. Its weight is only 14.9 ounces. The advantage of the small structure of this camera is very amusing. You can put it anywhere in the house so easily and nobody will not easily notice it. If you wish you can also mount it on the ceiling. 


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Nooie Baby Monitor

What is in the box? 

In the box, there was a power adaptor, cable, screws, and wall mount. I was very surprised to see that Nooie gives an adaptor in the box. Nowadays maximum company does not provide power adaptor in the box. They give only cables. The wall mount and the screws are also very good in build quality. 




Set up

The Nooie Cam 360 does not have any complex setup. procedure. You can set up it very easily without any trouble. To set up, you have to first download the Nooie Cam app from the Google Play or Apple App store. After installing the application, just follow the provided pieces of information shown in the app. There is a very significant thing to consider. This camera only works in a Wifi network of 2.4 GHz. This camera does not support a 5 GHz Wifi network. Once you finish the app setup procedure, a QR code will be shown by the app. You have to hold the QR code in front of the camera. Thus the setup will be completed. 

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The Nooie Cam 360 provided 1080P HD Quality videos. But the user will be astonished to see the quality of the video images. The image quality is so much good. The zoom-in and the zoom-out process is also very much smooth. In this camera, there are two 940nm infrared LEDs that can light up to 32 feet. The night vision of the camera is just incredible. 


The Nooie camera can view all of its surroundings. The camera can rotate 94 degrees vertically. It can also turn around 355 degrees horizontally. You can control everything on the camera by the app. The Nooie security camera has all the features that a modern camera should have nowadays. The fantastic and necessary features include motion tracking, motion detection, two-way audio, and sound vibrations. These features can be turned on and off according to your needs. These features can also be scheduled to be activated at a certain time, and also turned off at a certain time. You can also set the sensitivity level for these features. You will receive more notifications if the sensitivity is higher. 


Nooie also provides a cloud storage facility. You can back up your recordings in cloud storage. The subscription fee comes at a very reasonable price. You have to pay 3$ per month to hold 7 days of recordings in the cloud storage. 

Nooie Baby Monitor

There are some problems also that I will mention now. The first problem is sometimes the camera takes a long time to connect with the app. The app also sometimes runs a little bit slow. But that’s not a very big issue. The app runs on the Android platform better than IOS platform.

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Nooie Baby Monitor


I am really very much happy using this camera. It is a great value for money. I like the superb features of this camera. But the only problem is with the app, but if Nooie brings an update to the app, the problem can be fixed. As a result, the user experience will be enhanced. Personally, I will recommend if you are looking for a baby security camera, you can buy Nooie 360 cam without any hesitation. 


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