Is The Bitcoin Coin Illegal in Bangladesh?

The word we are hearing nowadays in online portals or social media is Bitcoin. An online-based currency that changed the worldwide sentiment on the currency level. But as a citizen, it is simple for any person is this allowed in his country? Or that causes harassment to him. So, today we are going to know, is Bitcoin legal in Bangladesh or not.


Bangladesh is lagging behind!


The main reason for using bitcoin is only available online and you need not convert it to any others during the transaction. You can buy everything without paying any extra charges, which you must pay using any country’s currency. 

During the withdrawal, I mean as the online currency is not available in paper or coins you have to convert it into any currency you need. At that time there are platforms available called the third party that helps you with this conversion.

The best part of Bitcoin is not paying any taxes charges for reserving money and transaction. And no one interfaces in your reserve. You are enough to take care of your money. 

Bitcoin is also widely known as Gold treasure. As it has the allover excess. Developed countries are using more bitcoins for their virtual trade. But unfortunately, this online base coin is not legal when I am writing this article. 

In sense of freelancers that would be the best and most effective transaction weapon. In recent periods freelancers are facing many difficulties in Bangladesh Paypal and other worldwide renowned companies are not started their services in Bangladesh. For this reason, during their outsourcing works, they face trouble due to the specific transaction platforms as well as paying extra fees.

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Reasons why Bitcoin is not legal in Bangladesh :


This absolutely unfortunate for a country who are lagging behind in the digital world. Almost all developed countries are using bitcoins as their professional works. But some countries according to the U.S. Library of Congress, Algeria, Bangladesh, China, Egypt, Iraq, Morocco, Nepal, Qatar, and Tunisia banned bitcoin from using. 

These countries are considering bitcoin without any solid logic. They considered the negative uses of bitcoin like the black market, money laundering, gambling, and some others. It can not be an excuse, on the other hand, it shows only the weakness of the countries’ virtual security.

If anyone wants every legal property can be misused. So it can not be caught in the barrier. Blaming only bitcoin is just to push yourself back from the digital markets. 


In the conclusion, we just hope that the face of digital platforms that make you benefit and help you to run with the modern world will open soon.

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